Nature Yoga Retreat in Spain October 2016

with Astrid Jirka as our guest Yoga Instructor

Astrid Jirka

Hatha, Vinyasa and Partner Yoga Instructor, Yantra Artist , Sustainability Educator

Astrid is an advanced Hatha Yoga Instructor and Sustainability Educator, living in Ithaca, New York. She has been happily teaching hatha and vinyasa yoga for the last 10 with the aim of helping people to be stronger, more flexible, more balanced and aligned in their bodies, minds, spirits and daily lives.

Yoga Type: Hatha, Vinyasa and Partner Yoga
Born in: USA
Current City: Ithaca

Patricia Villegas

Lucia Yoga Co-Founder, Head Yoga Instructor and Psychologist

Patricia Villegas studied Psychology , a young science that as Yoga does, it tries to understand the mind and control the thoughts and emotions. Patricia is a student of Saraswati Jois in KPJAYI in Mysore, India. Her aim is come back every year to keep inspired and inspire others.
Yoga Type: Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga.
Certifications:Hatha Yoga Sivananda TTC, 200 hr. Ashtanga Yoga TTC, 200 hr.
Born in: Spain
Current City: Cádiz, Andalucía.

Astrid Jirka will be teaching with Lucia Nature Yoga Retreat in Spain on October 2016

Nature Yoga Retreat in the South of Spain

Would you like to stay in the middle of the mountains in fully equipped charming rural homes? Come with us to the surrounding areas of El Gastor in Cádiz, the entrance to the Grazalema forest! According to BBC Travel, the best place to hike in Andalucia.

In this retreat we want you to relax and disconnect from your daily tasks, to enjoy your holidays and to rediscover and deepen your yoga practice. You will have the opportunity to practice yoga every day. You’ll be able explore your body movement and breath more deeply through this daily practice, led by both Patricia and Astrid. We will start each day with meditation and a vinyasa flow class and end each day with a hatha yoga class with pranayama.

We also want you to connect more deeply with yourself and with nature on this retreat. Prana is the life force that yoga describes to express the connection that vibrates through all of creation. Connecting deeply with the breath in our bodies and with nature on a daily basis you will have the opportunity to re-connect with this life force and become more centered within yourself. With additional opportunities for meditation, massage, relaxing by the pool and hiking in the nearby hills, you will become more relaxed and your energy will be renewed!
You will also learn about Yantras on this retreat and have the opportunity to create one of your own in two Yantra Workshops. Yantras come from the Tantra yoga tradition and are a visual metaphor for how we can imagine the prana/energy in our world and our bodies, continuously contracting and expanding from a unified center into the uni-verse (one song) and back again. They can be a wonderful way for people to reflect about things that are important to them, to visualize them and then turn them into beautiful artwork which can then be hung in your meditation room at home to help you meditate, remind you of what’s important to you and of your amazing time in Andalucia!
Astrid will also offer a Partner yoga workshop where you can explore the basics of partner yoga, get to know some new people more intimately and have lots of fun by safely trying some poses or sinking more deeply into well-known poses by working with a partner or two! (Please note: You do not need to come with a partner for this workshop. We hope you will make new friends while we play together.)
¡Come and join us for a week of rest, connection, creativity and fun on your holidays!
Casa Grazalema is a collection of charming Spanish homes nestled in Andalucia’s spectacular national park, Sierra de Grazalema. Surrounded by lush mountains and whitewashed villages, accommodations are complete with a beautiful yoga studio, private tennis court, and magnificent hiking trails. A variety of homes and apartments are available and have access to beautiful pools, modern kitchens and baths

Apartments for two totally equipped with firewood chimneys, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchens with microwave, conventional oven, ceramic hob, refrigerator, washing machine, and LED television. There´s free WiFi on all of the premises.
These apartments are ideal for two people. If you sign up as an individual, you can share with another visitor or have your own apartment for an extra 195€.

Price per person: 895 Euros.
Yoga Retreat in Spain: OCTOBER 30th 2016
Arrival day:  Sunday OCTOBER 30th 2016. You can come any time after 14:00 a.m.
Departure day: Saturday NOVEMBER 5th 2016 at 12:00 a.m.

Included in the price of your stay
• 6 nights accommodation.
• 12 Yoga lessons
• Meditation and pranayama.
• Partner yoga Workshop with Astrid Jirka
• Tantra Phylosophy Workshops with Astrid Jirka
• 3 delicious vegan meals per day. (Sunday, only dinner. Saturday, breakfast and lunch)

Also available
(NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE) We can arrange for you.
Airport transfers.
Other Activities: Hiking, Horseback riding, rafting, Canoa, Transport to the town, other activities.
* The following schedule is flexible. It will adapt to the needs of each group or other reasons.
Your 7 day program
Sunday: Arrival Day
From 14:00 noon.
17.00 Welcome meeting.
17:30 Welcome Yoga Class.
19.30 Supper.

Monday to Friday
Meditation. (30 min)
Vinyasa Yoga Class by Astrid Jirka (1,5 hr)
Light Self-serve Breakfast
Monday, Wednesday & Friday Workshop by Astrid Jirka.
Free time..(Mountain, swimming pool, read, other activities.)
Hatha yoga class by Patricia Villegas.(1,5 hr).

Monday Workshop:
Yantra Philosophy and Design by Astrid Jirka. (2 hr)
Wednesday Workshop:
Partner Yoga by Astrid Jirka. (2 hr)
Friday Workshop:
Yantra Reflections by Astrid Jirka. (2 hr)

Saturday: Departure day
7.30 Optional Meditation.
8.00 Last Yoga Class.
10.00 Breakfast.
11.00 Vacate room
12.00 Departure


On this retreat you'll be able to practice two different styles of yoga. In the morning we'll start the day with a Vinyasa Yoga class. By connecting with and flowing fluidly with your breath, you will connect deeply with your body, mind and spirit so that you can feel the Prana flowing within yourself and throughout the universe. You’ll leave these classes feeling both relaxed and invigorated!
Yantra workshops: Yantras are designs which are traditionally made with rice flour, but can also be painted or drawn with pencils. They are similar to the more commonly known Mandalas of Tibet (but simpler). They come from the Tantra yoga tradition of India and are a beautiful visual metaphor for how we can imagine the energy in our world. There are many elements of each Yantra, related to the patterns and colors which are used, as well as the symbols and ideas which they are meant to embody. The act of creating yantras is meant to be a meditation, and the end result is also a tool for meditation, especially when combined with the use of a Mantra. (Yantra + Mantra = Tantra). In these workshops, you will learn about Tantra philosophy, what the different design elements represent, and how the Yantras can become a tool for meditation for you. This will be a wonderful way for you to reflect about things that are important to you in your life, to visualize them and then to turn them into beautiful artwork. You will be taught how to create a Yantra for yourself and will create one during your time in Andalucia. Mediums used will most likely be colored pencil and paper. You can then take your Yantra home with you so that its effects can last long into the future.
Partner Yoga Workshop: This will be an introduction to partner yoga workshop which everyone can safely participate in. Partner Yoga enables you to take your yoga to another level by flowing through poses, discovering new poses or practicing known poses in new ways, with another person. It enables you to stretch and strengthen in new ways, in partnership with one or more people, while honing your trust and communication skills and having fun! You’ll be sure to find some poses that challenge you and some poses that you can fully relax into. And you’re likely to both sigh and laugh! (You do not need to come to the retreat with a partner to participate in this workshop. You can partner with the other retreat participants.)
In the evening you'll be able to participate in our daily Hatha Yoga class with Pranayama (breathing exercises). We'll work on all aspects of yoga: balance, strength and flexibility.
Choose health and wellbeing for your vacation, choose Lucia Yoga in the mountains!


On the outskirts of El Gastor you'll be able to enjoy various hiking trails from very beginning to the most advanced levels. You can choose from hiking trails that last a few hours to all-day trails. For the more advanced hiker, we recommend the Garganta Verde, a precious route starting from Zahara right on the Grazalema nature reserve.
If you prefer bike riding, the Vía Verde de la Sierra, is one of the best trails in Europe from which you can enjoy some of the best bird sight-seeing on the continent.
You can also enjoy beautiful horseback riding trails. If you are a real adventurer, you can participate in mountain climbing, canyoning, rappelling, kayaking, aerodelta and more.

Contact us for all the information you need.


Address: Calle Parche, 26 11687 El Gastor Cádiz. Spain Cádiz
Distances: 1h 20 min Jerez airport. 1 hour 30 min Sevilla airport. 1h 50 min Malaga airport
Coordenates: 36.850107, -5.320290


Are activities included in the yoga retreat? Activities are paid separate, this way you can choose the ones you prefer. Once you arrive, we'll reserve your favorite activities for you.

How can I get to the yoga retreat? The best option is to rent a car from the airport for your entire stay. It´s cheaper than a taxi and that way you can enjoy the freedom of transportation every day on the retreat.

I need a special diet, can you provide it? Of course! As long as you let us know before your arrival, we can prepare the diet you need. For example, if you are gluten intolerant, vegan, or have any other special diet needs.

Are cancellations allowed? You can cancel your reservation up to 60 days before the retreat. If you cancel after the allotted time period you'll lose the deposit or you can transfer it to another guest.

What should I bring? Bring comfortable clothing for practicing yoga, a swimsuit, beach towel, sunscreen, and a yoga mat although we provide all yoga materials.



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Yoga Retreat in Spain with Astrid Jirka
Price: 895€ Date: 30th OCTOBER 2016. 6 NIGHTS
1 Booking:
(A) Your payment is refundable up to 60 days before the start date of yoga retreat. After that date the course can be changed by another course or person according to our availability and discretion.Cancellation charges are detailed in terms and conditions, paragraph 7.
(B) The reservation will not be considered effective until we confirm via email that we have received the deposit payment set correctly.
2 Payment:
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3. Accommodation:
(A) Share a room with a stranger: Please provide at the time of booking via email gender preferences of the other person. If any other traveler request for a room share, we will tell you as soon as possible.
(B) Single Room Supplement:
- Yoga Retreat in Spain with Nathalie Emelianova: +195 Euros.
*If you want single room please inform us correspondingly when we contact you after booking.

4. Travel Insurance
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More About Astrid Jirka with Lucia Yoga Retreat in Spain

Astrid Jirka (pronounced Yeerka - roll the rrrs if you can!) is a Certified, Advanced Hatha Yoga Instructor and International Sustainability Educator, based in Ithaca, New York, USA. She has served in many roles with the aim of teaching people about personal health and wellbeing through the lens of yoga, as well as the health and wellbeing of communities and the planet with a focus on ecotourism and international education. In her yoga practice and teachings, Astrid emphasizes the connection of breath flowing with movement, while also paying attention to the alignment of the yoga poses. She is passionate about the philosophy of yoga which she weaves into her yoga classes and workshops and she works to build community through the joy of partner yoga and by leading yoga practitioners and others into action ‘off the mat’. Her creative nature has inspired her to create, among other art, yoga inspired yantras which she also teaches.

In her role as an educator in the realms of ecotourism and international education, Astrid has led people in journeys overseas, and in the US, to discover for themselves the intricate web of life in which we live. She believes that our personal health is intimately connected to the health and happiness of other people and the planet, and that all social, economic and environmental systems must be in balance in order for our shared lives to be sustainable. She has shared her great passion and knowledge pertaining to these concepts as a director of university programs, a teacher and an activist. Merging her work as a yoga teacher, sustainability activist, and eco-traveler bring Astrid great joy which she seeks to share with others so that we can all radiate out into the world as healthy, happy human beings on a healthy, happy planet! Please join her on this journey to wellness!

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