Local mediterranean vegetarian food

Believe Us, You Gonna Love It

The importance of a vegetarian diet for yoga practice

On our yoga retreats we want to offer the ideal environment for you to enjoy a 100% yogic lifestyle. We aim to create the best possible living conditions for you to incorporate daily habits that favor all aspects of yoga.
In order to practice the yogi life we aim to work on these five basic aspects: adequate physical exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, positive thinking and meditation and a proper diet. .

Swami Vishnudevananda

For the yogi, the body is their instrument, therefore it is important to maintain a clean and light body. This type of diet helps eliminate toxins from the body which facilitates the physical asanas and helps maintain a calm mind. Nutrition is a very important aspect of the entire practice as it facilitates all other aspects. Those who are not vegetarian have the opportunity to experience the benefits this type of diet has on the body for one week. They'll feel the benefits of a lighter and more relaxed body. We want to respect the Ahimsa principle of nonviolence, nourishing our bodies without any animal products.

Our 100% mediterranean vegetarian diet is designed to delight the most refined palate.
Traditional Andalusian food is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables thanks to its sunny climate that has allowed the cultivation of the freshest agriculture for centuries.

Some of our traditional dishes you'll enjoy on our yoga retreats

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