Ayahuasca Retreat

Eight days/Seven nights


Five Ayahuasca ceremonies, purgatives, individual treatments with Amazonian plants according to needs, five yoga sessions, workshop with body therapist, individual sessions with facilitators according to need, integration tools.

We have been conducting more than 50 Ayahuasca Retreats in Denmark the last two years and never had a free spot. We believe this is because we keep the original form of the Ceremonies taught to us by native, extremely skilled Shipibo Shamans in Peru. Mixed with our therapeutical backgrounds and understanding of the challenges rooted in Western lifestyle we provide a unique space for human transformation.

Five Ceremonies in one week is a gift for yourself of high value: A space for deep transformation.

What is Ayahuasca

The bitter tea used by Shamans in the Amazonian jungle for thousands of years is traditionally used to get access to other dimensions to get help for problems of this world. And it has shown to have profound effects on people who are ready for the some times tough sometimes magic experiences in the Ceremonies.

In between the Ceremonies we work with other medicinal plants from the Amazon according to participants needs and other traditional disciplines such as yoga, meditation and psychotherapy and hypnosis.

The medicine is made the traditional way with Chacruna and Caapi by ourselves and we sing Icaros (traditional Shipibo medicine songs) throughout the Ceremonies.


  • Five Ayahuasca Ceremonies with skilled western Ayahuascaqueros tought by native shamans
  • Treatments with Amazonian medicinal plants according to individual needs
  • Daily yoga and meditation classes
  • Workshop with body therapist
  • Vegan food prepared by in house specialist
  • 1:1 Sessions with facilitators with backgrounds within yoga, hynotherapy, NLP and body/mind work.
  • Comfortable accommodation with ensuite bathrooms
  • All inclusive
  • Local historic sites
  • Situated in the middle of National Park
  • Five Swimming Pools
  • Free pick up in Ronda (direct train from Malaga).


The retreat is located at 11687 El Gastor, Cádiz, Spain. This is 1h 20 mins from Jerez airport, 1h 30 mins from Sevilla airport, or 1h 30 mins from Malaga airport.

If you wish to have an airport transfer from Malaga we are happy to organise for you both pick up and drop off in time for your flight after the retreat. You can also get to the house via train or bus to Ronda. Both buses and trains leave Malaga or Sevilla city regularly throughout the day and we can come pick you up from the bus/train station in Ronda.

[email protected] Phone: +45 53961207