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When in doubt come back to yourself; silence is loaded with answers

28th April - 3rd May 2017

Granada Yoga Retreat Center. Andalucia, Spain.
Yoga Retreat Language: English

Yoga Retreat with Nicola Wagstaff

Come & immerse yourself for 5 nights in a breathtaking retreat in Spain

"It's time to reconnect with ourselves, with our feminine energy and it's true power; a beautiful combination of calm-assertiveness with nurturing love. Are you connected to what makes you happy? To what brings you joy? To your passions that lead to peace and harmony in your body and mind? On this retreat our theme is self-love. We aim to take out the negative association that comes with the idea of looking after yourself - that when we hear the word 'selfish' we feel bad. Looking after yourself is in fact a selfless act in its selfishness. By taking time to pause, to relax, or to action the things you've always wanted to, it means you're in tune with yourself, resonating on the vibration of love. In turn we feel lighter, peaceful, calm and as we dissolve those judgements of ourselves, we dissolve the judgment of others. Let your light shine so bring that you help others see the way out of the dark. To do so, it means tending to yourself first. Then you can truly shine with authentic compassion and energy.

Whether you are a new mum, or your brood has flown the nest, or single and looking for someone to fill that gap; the relationship you have with yourself is the most important, and the longest and the quality of this one impacts the quality of all the others. Come and immerse yourself into 6 days, and 5 nights of Spring sunshine, like-minded ladies and pure energy of love. Listen to your body, listen to what you want to do and don't want to do. All our yoga sessions, meditations and mindfulness/ philosophy will be based on this theme, bringing you back to somewhere very familiar - you. Your true self.

As the weather slowly improves around April, we enjoy welcomed longer hours in the UK but often we experience the April showers. The timing of this retreat has been picked especially to optimise on the perfect Spanish weather of this time of year; not too hot to do Yoga outside but warm enough to enjoy your own relaxation around the pool. With fresh wonderful vegetarian food in abundance and daily gentle yoga with day trips, and an optional choice to stay longer in the resort if you wish to extend your holiday, this retreat lends itself to the perfect refresh and energy boost. With this fitting in over the bank holiday what better opportunity to extend your rest with just 2 days booked off work?

This yoga holiday includes:
● 5 nights’ accommodation
● 2 delicious vegetarian meals per day for 5.5 days and snacks/ drinks (arrival day will be dinner only)
● Daily morning Hatha Flow/Vinyasa Yoga classes
● Daily evening Restorative Yoga
● Guided meditations and Relaxation
● Breathing exercises (Pranayama)
● Teachings on Yoga Philosophy
● Sunset/ Sunrise Yoga
● 1 day trip to the famous Alhambra in Granada and 1 evening trip for Flamenco dance show, opting in or out of the pre- workshop (including meals and transport)
● Optional walks (included in cost)
● Beach visit and horseback riding can be arranged at an extra cost.
Perhaps a visit to the beach on the last day to extend your trip - check out 12 noon

We believe in choice and options for your happiness and freedom, so you can opt out of any of the program should you wish to enjoy your quiet time alone, yet there will also be segments allowing for that time. You do not need to be an experienced Yogi to join; the sessions will focus on a meditative flow to help release and relax the body, mind and soul from. If you are more experienced Yogi there will be options for you to challenge even further.

General information

The Lucia Yoga Retreat Centre offers a charming and newly renovated traditional Spanish house in Caparacena, Andalucia in the stunning Spanish countryside. Caparacena offers it all in close proximity- beaches, mountains, lakes, and sunshine, and with the beautiful Cubillas Natural Reservoir right on its doorstep, Caparacena makes the ideal spot for picturesque views and relaxing walks.

The Lucia Yoga Centre itself is surrounded by olive trees and large open lush green spaces, and is close to the beautiful Sierra Elvira mountains (offering the perfect place to walk or hike). Keen hikers may also wish to visit the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada which is a 1-hour drive away.

Sierra Nevada and the beautiful coast of Costa Tropical are an hour’s journey. In half an hour you reach Granada city (30 min for the center, Granada is closer by 10min), and the famous Alhambra Palace. We will also be 45 minutes drive from the beach and 1h 30 min Malaga airport, 20 min Granada airport. The Centre offers a luxurious rural retreat centre equipped to guarantee maximum comfort to deliver an unforgettable experience. It offers all types of rooms, each with a private bathroom, comfortable living rooms, and WiFi (amongst other services). Should you wish to extend your holiday at the villa do let us know.

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Offering a delicious vegetarian diet, you will enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean, one of the healthiest diets in the world allowing you to clean and cleanse your body so you maximise the full benefits of your retreat. The Centre uses fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and the best olive oil, all supplied by local experts to guarantee the best 100% vegetarian Mediterranean flavour.
- Beautiful Yoga Shala
- An indoor restaurant and a terrace dining room
- A beautiful garden
- Swimming Pool in the garden
- Wifi
- Air Conditioning
- TV Room and lounge area
- 9 Twin Rooms: (two single beds)
- 4 Triples (can be twins):
- 4 Double Rooms:
- 2 Suite Junior:
- 1 Dorm: 1-6 people

You will be responsible for your own flight and costs. Flights vary from Easy Jet and Jet 2. Skyscanner can help to establish the cheapest flight.

Pick Up
The villa can arrange a pick up from the airport at 16:00 for a group and return at 12:30pm on the final day back to the airport. Distance: 1h 30min Malaga airport 20min Granada airport. Prices per Person: 35 EUR GBP per way up to 40 people (Minimum 4 people). In case some of you opt for a earlier or later flight pick up can be arranged for one, two or three people 120€ per way in a car. Should you wish to make your own way to the villa by other transport, the address is; Pinos Puente, Granada, Spain. Contact no. There are also buses if you would like to save as transport costs are not included.

By Bus:
There are public buses from Malaga Airport to Granada city every hour. If you opt for the Granada airport we can also arrange a pick up there which is much closer and cheaper collection but flights might be more expensive. Do let us know if you require a pick up from there.

A Bit about the Yoga leader: Nicola Wagstaff (Darjeeling, India - Yoga Alliance).
With a background in learning and development industry, Nicola decided to move even further into the mind and our psychology and how the mind, body and soul are linked. Now as a Hypnotherapist, Wellbeing Coach and holistic therapist, Reiki Master and Yoga teacher, international speaker she has now channeled her energy into helping others find their peace, discovering their own tools to gain control back on their inner peace with ownership on the direction of their lives.
At Inspire & Rewire, we categorise our retreats based on 3 levels to suit budget and options: 1. Low cost .2. Medium 3. High/ Luxury and combinations of those options.
For this retreat we are catering for medium-high based for 5 nights teaching, accommodation, organic meals, cultural trips and activities - ensuite room options and a pool)
£650 normal cost for the retreat
Early Bird: £630 booked end of Jan ‘17
EXTRA Early Bird for £590 booked end of Nov ‘16

This is based on sharing. There is a supplement of £8 per night when requesting a room for 1 person only, regardless of any early bird booking.
● Longer stays are available to enjoy the resort (ask for details if interested)
● First come first served for room allocation. Places limited so book early
● Deposit of £200 is required to secure your spot
● Full balance to be paid in full by end of March ‘17
● Terms and conditions apply. Upon raising your interest through contacting Inspire and Rewire we will provide full terms and conditions with our welcome note with more information including extra detail on the agenda.
1. Your Travel Arrangements:
All transport costs from home to our yoga retreat are not included in the price. Inspire and Rewire is not responsible for any consequence stemmed by cancellations or delays of any travel company you hire, or any irregularity in the documentation required for the trip. Transportation to and from the yoga retreat are not included, unless we explicitly specify it.

2. Booking.
(A) Cancellation charges apply when cancelling the trip within 60 days of the first day of the trip. Deposit will
Not be refunded and a charge of £50 in addition will be applied
(B) The reservation will not be considered effective until we confirm via email that we have received the deposit payment set correctly.
(C) Inspire and Rewire does not store any data or share personal customer information with third parties.
(D). If full payment is not received by xxx

3. Accommodation:
(A) Share a room with a stranger: If you are traveling alone and would like to share a room with another one or more party members to reduce your expenses please let us know and we will endeavour to pair you with another party member. Those that share in a dorm or three to one room will receive a discount per person. Contact us for more information
(B) SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: If you want single room please inform us correspondingly when we contact you after booking
( C) There are enough rooms to allow for each people to have a room to oneself - note there are various styles of rooms which will be allocated first come first served.

4. Travel Insurance
(A) It is your responsibility to have travel insurance that covers any activity proposed in the yoga retreat that you book as well as potential losses, cancellations, illness or damage and risks. Inspire and Rewire informs you that you should bring the insurance policy in case of any emergency.

5.1 Your Health
although our retreats are not high in intensity in both yoga, mediation and activities, catering for complete beginners and those with certain ailments, it is of the utmost importance that you follow the below areas referring to your health. It will be only your responsibility to consult a doctor with knowledge of yoga to verify that you are in good health for yoga and other physical activities that Inspire and Rewire book under your request. ( E.g. mountain hiking, horse riding, etc.).
(B) We request that you inform us if you have any health problems before booking your place in our yoga retreat. If you do not inform us about your health problems, Inspire and Rewire holds the right to cancel your reservation and will not refund any compensation. If you have health problems that may be affected by the activities of yoga retreat, Inspire and Rewire reserves the right to advise not to participate in certain activities, and could be denied participation if we believe there may be a risk for your physical or psychological health.
(C) If you feel any discomfort, pain or injury during any of the activities of the yoga retreat, the activity must stop as soon as possible and you must contact a member of staff at the retreat and Inspire and Rewire.. If you continue with the removal activities there are chances of further worsening of the injury, Inspire and Rewire reserves the right to deny your stay and participation in the yoga retreat, without returning the money.
(D) Although Inspire and Rewire take all necessary measures to ensure high standards of health and safety, some of our retreats may be located in rural areas where it is common to have unevenness in the ground, so we are not responsible for injuries suffered as a result.
(E) It shall be the responsibility of women who are between 12 and 28 weeks of gestation, send a letter written by her doctor that says she is fit to travel and is capable of performing the activities we offer. It is better that those pregnant women who wish to attend the yoga retreat have practiced yoga before.

6. Passports, visas and health requirements.
It is the responsibility of all passengers, according to the type of passport you have, to check with the consulate where the application for tourist visa is required. Due to visa regulations and health requirements it can change frequently, it is recommended that you check as soon as possible whether the application for tourist visas or health requirements is necessary. Inspire and Rewire is not responsible if you or another passenger is traveling without proper health documentation and the correct passport or visa. In this case you should pay the costs of assistance to solve these problems. In addition you must make full payment of your yoga retreat, without receiving any refund or compensation from Inspire and Rewire.

7. Amendments by Inspire and Rewire:
Sometimes Inspire and Rewire can make some changes (example: class times, yoga teacher or other arrangements). Inspire and Rewire reserves the right to make changes at any time (example: class schedule, other activities, etc.). In the case of accommodation change we will do everything possible to offer you a room of similar category. In case of any other major changes, we will inform you as soon as possible, if it is possible before your travel starts.

8. Cancellation by Inspire and Rewire
Inspire and Rewire reserves the right to cancel returning the full money to users. We reserve the right to cancel the yoga retreats in all circumstances, in which case we will refund 100% of the money received by each user in a maximum of 15 working days.

9. Our liability to you:
(A) Inspire and Rewire is responsible for ensuring that the yoga retreats we advertised on the website have the same service than the yoga retreat you pay for, and these services offered will be carried out under a standard of reasonable quality.
(B) Inspire and Rewire does not accept any liability for cancellations, threat of war, or delays Changes Caused by war, terrorist actions or Threats industrial action, civil strife, closure of airports, technical problems to transport, natural disaster, staff cancellations, unforeseen Changes in your Circumstances staff or other events beyond our control.
(C) Inspire and Rewire is not responsible for any physical or psychological injury that you may have. You are responsible for the possible risks that you may have during a yoga lesson. We are not responsible for any medical or psychological condition that you can develop during the yoga retreat. We are not responsible for loss, damage or theft of personal belongings.

10. Complaints:
If you have any problem about your yoga retreat, please inform Inspire and Rewire as soon as possible and he will help you to correct the situation. Please understand that Inspire and Rewire is not responsible for the behavior of individual members of the group or other users that share the room with you.

11. Legal Disclaimer:
The information contained in the website is for general information on matters of interest. Given the changing nature of the rules, regulations and laws and chance of electronic communication, there may be omissions or misunderstandings on the information contained in this site. In this respect, this information is given with the understanding that the authors can not offer advice or services. Before taking any decision you should consult Inspire and Rewire or Lucia Yoga first. Although we have made every effort to ensure the reliability of this information, all information provided on this website is offered at computer level, with no guarantee of accuracy or timeliness of the results obtained from the use of this information without guarantee for a particular purpose.
Never Inspire and Rewire, Lucia Yoga partners, agents or employees will be liable to you or any other person for decisions made in relation to the information provided on our site or Lucia Yoga site, as well as for any damage as a result of it. Lucia Yoga works with others website maintained by third parties which Lucia Yoga has no control. Therefore they are not responsible for the information appearing on these other sites.

12. Privacy Policy:
Lucia Yoga and Inspire and Rewire do not share any customer data bank with third parties. All personal details that you provide us will be used only to provide the service you request us. We do not register your personal data, only the IP address registered user to perform statistical analysis of the functional use of the website, such as length of visits and more common routes. This information is used only for administrative purposes and management Lucia Yoga website. This privacy policy does not cover other links to third websites.

Dates: 28th April - 3rd May 2017

→ Including: 5 nights of accommodation, 2 delicious vegetarian meals a day, 2 extra activities, all teachings and course material
→ not included in the price: your flight ticket, extra activities in your leisure time ...
- £650 normal cost for the retreat
- Early Bird: £625 booked end of Jan ‘17
- EXTRA Early Bird for £590 booked end of Nov ‘16
(*) Single occupancy + £8 per night
(*)Booking in advance is essential as there are limited places.
Contact Nicola [email protected]

(*)This is not a Lucia Yoga official Retreat. It is offered by Inspire and Rewire using Lucia Yoga Retreat Center and facilities

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