Yoga, You and Yin: A Women’s Retreat


Join Fern and Kim to enjoy a unique opportunity to explore your body, mind and spirit.

It is so easy for us as women to lose sight of who we are, what we want, our needs and our desires! Seize this chance to wake up to see yourself and your world with fresh and curious eyes.

Yoga, You and Yin will be led by Fern, an accomplished Hatha and Yin Fascial Yoga instructor and Kim, an experienced psychotherapist and counsellor.

Our retreat away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives will be in the beautiful, calming, Granada in Spain, home of the Alhambra Palace, a wonder of the modern world.

No previous experience necessary - all you need is an open heart and an open mind.

Combining gentleness and passion with their expertise, Fern and Kim offer you a week in a safe and tranquil space to reacquaint yourself with you. Woven together with yoga, mindfulness and group work, this will be a time for self-reflection and personal growth, with welcome space for fun and friendship.

Through a carefully designed daily programme, you will:

• gradually calm your nervous system;
• learn a yoga and mindfulness practice you can take home with you; and
• discover an energised serenity to feel fully present and able to enjoy the simple and special moments you may have been missing before.

Learn more about you and become fully alive.

Fern and Kim offer you the opportunity to re-awaken your senses. Using the chakra system, you will begin to explore and make sense of what makes you the beautiful you that you are today. Throughout the week we will go on an experiential journey integrating yoga, mindfulness and self-reflection (combining the movement of yoga, the stilling of the mind and the creativity of our senses). You will find in this peaceful and nurturing environment the perfect place to allow you to reconnect with yourself and others, working at your own pace individually and in a group.


YOGA - flow into every sunny day with a beautiful flowing Hatha yoga sequence - connecting with your body and breath.

YOU - explore, develop and reflect in a supportive and secure group of like-minded women - begin to recognise any blocks that might be holding you back to pursue your dreams. Continuing the theme of the chakras we will use them to help identify and recognise our beliefs about ourselves and others; acknowledge and welcome information that arises about how we came to these - which ones still serve us and which ones it may be time to let go of. Using their combined knowledge with Kim as an experienced psychotherapist, both practising yogis and mindfulness practitioners, Kim and Fern will offer you ways to express yourself using creativity, visualizations, breathing techniques and much more. Tools to take home and share with your family, to use in everyday life to reduce stress and find calm in amongst the chaos!

YIN - using the unique movements of Yin Fascial Yoga (a restorative style of yoga which uses Myofascial Release techniques) you will then move into the physical body to facilitate the release of these blocks or any trauma that might be held in the body - offering the potential to let go of and release your physical and emotional pain and suffering. Releasing deeply into the fascia and connective tissue to lubricate and unblock the chakras, the healing may begin. Ultimately relax into the evening with a candle-lit session of gentle yin yoga and end your day as peacefully as it began.

Enjoy the paradox of finding stillness to create and release energy flow (chi) to achieve calm.

  • 6 nights at Lucia Yoga Retreat Center of Granada located in Pinos Puente, Granada, Spain
  • Luxury, air conditioned rooms with ensuite bathroom
  • 2 yoga classes/day with a traditional Hatha yoga class to start the day and a late afternoon Yin Myofascial yoga practice. Pranayama (breathing practice), and meditation integrated in to every session.
  • Daily Self-development session - 2 ½ hours dedicated to you. Grow in confidence, find inner calm and rediscover a sense of fun and joy.
  • Excursion: Alhambra palace + traditional meal
  • 3 locally sourced, delicious Mediterranean meals per day. Vegetarian and Vegan options
(*) Daily Schedule*:

Arrival: Not before 1200 hours and no later than 1500 hours on Sunday 5th August for Welcoming Ceremony
Departure: 1100 hours on Saturday 11th August

  • 07:00-08:15 - Hatha Yoga session
  • 08:45-10:15 - Breakfast
  • 10:30-11:00 - Explanation of the Chakra
  • 11:00-13:30 - Self-development session
  • 13:30-17:00 - Light lunch followed by free time
  • 17:00-18:30 - Yin Fascial Yoga session
  • 19:00 - Dinner
  • *the schedule is flexible


The retreat is located at Pinos Puente, Granada, Spain. This is 20 min from Granada airport, 2h 30 min from Sevilla airport, or 1h 15 min from Malaga airport.

If you wish to have an airport transfer from Malaga we are happy to organize for you both pick up and drop off in time for your flight after the retreat. You can also get to the house via train or bus to Granada. Both, buses and trains, leave Malaga or Sevilla city regularly throughout the day and we can come pick you up from the bus/train station in Granada.

Fern Yoga Retreat
Fern White-Andrews

Fern began her yoga journey when she completed a course in yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) at the age of 16 when she wanted to learn some tools to manage stress. This sparked her ever-deepening commitment and interest in learning more about the connections between mind, body and spirit. Her passion for yoga and its philosophy grew, taking her on a spiritual journey in which she has developed considerable knowledge and skills in this field.

Fern set out on her spiritual path training with international yoga teachers all over the world. Travelling to India, where she also spent time in an Ashram, Bali where she qualified as a Kid’s yoga teacher, Nepal and Thailand, where she experienced a 10-day training in yoga and mindfulness during which the days were spent in silence (much like a Vipassana).

During her travels she has specialized in a unique style of yoga – Yin Fascial Yoga. This particularly appealed to her because of the way it facilitates the release of any trauma that might be held in the body. It does this by hydrating and opening the fascia through its uniquely designed movements (fascia is a layer of tissue which is believed to store patterns, emotions and traumas). Fern has achieved her 500-hour advanced teaching certificate in Dynamic Spiral & Yin Fascial yoga and a 200-hour certificate in Hatha yoga. Her passion for Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness shine through in her teaching and offer a safe space for the individual to really open and let go.

Fern’s belief is that by working with the body and the mind together we can truly alleviate suffering.

Kim White
Kim women yoga retreat

Kim is an experienced Psychotherapist and Counsellor. Her passion is people and personal empowerment. Through her experience and training she has come to believe that ‘we are all products of our environment’. However, this need not be a permanent state. We can choose what we keep and what we let go!

The seed of this belief was planted in her late teens when she began her professional journey. She was impacted by the increasing evidence of how our early relationships significantly impact on the way we form relationships into our adult lives for better or worse. It has continued to steer her ever increasing desire for knowledge about how we become who we are.

Most of her working life has been in the British National Health service and more recently in her private psychotherapy practice. Combining compassion, gentleness and humour Kim offers her clients a psychotherapeutic approach that integrates evidenced based theory, creativity and mindfulness. Kim believes that this creative and holistic approach offers people the tools to help let go of the past and perhaps any trauma – some of which can be held in the body and manifest as physical symptoms or illnesses. During the past 6 years she has also managed to successfully develop her long standing passion for yoga, becoming a kids yoga teacher, studying yin yoga, mindfulness and also teaching several workshops for a kids yoga training in Bali.

She hopes that her clients can begin to live a richer (more wholesome) life in which they feel more present and aware of themselves and all that they encounter moment to moment – adding a richness to their relationships, feeling fully alive and realising their true potential.


Prices listed are per person in Euros and include a non-returnable €300 deposit. If paying from a UK bank account the deposit is £270.00 and for those paying the deposit in euros we recommend using ‘transferwise.com’ to avoid transaction fees. Your place is only secured once you have made this payment.

Room Price in Euros Price in GBP
4 Person €1,210 £1,065
3 Person €1,230 £1,080
2 Person €1,265 £1,115
1 Person €1,385 £1,220

A junior suite with a bathtub bedroom - add €20 per night to any occupancy cost

Full Payment Due: June 3, 2018
(Payment plans can be discussed)

* Please also note that room options are limited, and are all done on a first come first served basis

BOOKING: For any information or registration please email [email protected] or [email protected]


Should you need to cancel your trip please inform us in writing using our email address. If cancellation takes place more than 60 days prior to the start date of the retreat we will refund the total payment minus the deposit. If the cancellation is up to 30 days prior to the start date then we will refund the total payment minus 25% paid and minus the deposit. Any later than this and there will be no refund due to the cost incurred unless we are able to fill your place.