Work with Lucia Yoga or Organize your own Yoga Retreat

We have 2 options for you:

Work with Lucia Yoga Retreat as a Guest Yoga Instructor
Run Your Own Yoga Retreat using our facilities

Together we can organize more and more yoga retreats in Spain!

Work with Lucia Yoga Retreats

If you´re a certified yoga instructor, speak English and love travelling

Work with us procedure:
  • Leave us your email
  • We have a Skype Meeting
  • Make your reservation as a guest yoga instructor.
  • Find a minimum of 4 participants.
  • Travel to Spain, teach yoga and earn money.

We offer:
  • Full room and board at our retreats and houses.
  • We pay for your classes and other transactions.
  • You'll work with our instructors and our brand.
  • We'll advertise for you on our website.

Run Your Own Yoga Retreat

Other yoga centers or groups can host their own retreats using our venues and facilities:

  • Locally Sourced Mediterranean Meals. We can provide any special diet.
  • We offer luxurious rural retreat centers in different parts of Andalusia.
  • Full board and accomodation for instructors free.
  • Yoga equipment: Yoga mats, blocs, straps and meditation pillow
  • Personalised Promotion on Lucia Yoga website, calendar and social network.
  • Close to Malaga airport with affordable flights from any European city
  • Immerse yourself in the Spanish culture, supported by local staff.
  • Yoga retreats every season of the year.
  • Transport, activities or any special request is possible.
  • Enjoy the Andalusia sunshine for your retreats.

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  1. Hola chicos, me llamo Sergio Miranda.

    I’m a recently graduated 500RYT and with a group of classmates, we are looking for a place to host a retreat in europe. I’m argentinean, and based right now in Middle east. The rest of the group (4 more teachers) are from Germany, Austria and UK.
    We are thinking of organizing a retreat for mid June. And We would be interested in knowing more about your venue and packages.

    Also, I will be arriving in Europe by the end of May, planning to spend the summer season there (3 months), so I’m also interested in knowing more about your job opportunities.

    My first 200hs course was done in a Hatha-Sivananda tradition school. My 500RYT was in a Multi style school, were we learnt Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga, but the main focus was on VInyasa and Yin Yoga. I’m slowly specializing myself in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.

    Lastly, I’m also a professional photographer and dj, which is generally a good addition to this lovely path of Yoga.

    Looking forward to hear from you, and all the best

  2. Annalisa Giostra says:

    Hello and Namaste,

    I would like to know more about the shares of the income in terms of retreats.
    If l want to organize a retreat at one of y centers, is there a minimum of people you require as participants and what’s the income sharing plan or do l have to pay the price for the structure?

    Kind Regards

  3. remy green says:


    My name is Remy, I recently graduated 200 RYT, I am from the UK but currently working and living in New York. I hope to move back to Europe soon and am interested in working with Lucia, I speak both Spanish and English and would love some more information


  4. Diego Crespillo says:

    Hi there!

    I’m Diego from Mexico and I just landed in Córdoba Spain, such a lovely town.

    This my second tour in Europe , this time with 500 RYT, I’ve been practicing Yoga almost 10 years, and in this stage of the practice I’ve been more dedicated to Kaula Hatha Yoga, which thought the connection with the elements fire, water, air, Earth and space we liberate physical, energetic and emotional blockages. Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation, internal alchemy create a safe, flexible and fun structure of exploration.

    Also I’ve been involved in Kirtan band Bhakti!

    I would love to share of this practices with you Lucia Yoga!

    Jai jai Maa!

    Instagram: @diegomnamahshivaya

  5. Louise McCarthy says:

    I am I interested in running a retreat from your facilities. Can you please let me know how payment works, ie. Commission you take.

    Thanks very much


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