30th September 2019

The virtue of inversions

An exploration of being upside down Inversions appear in our yoga practices regularly, no matter what style of yoga you […]
20th September 2019

AcroYoga: Connection, Communication, and Creativity

This fusion of acrobatic principles and yoga asanas offers more than just movement In this day and age where a […]
19th July 2019

The universal balance: Yin Yoga for balancing the Chakras

How do you know you need some yin yoga for balancing your chakras? Have you ever felt slightly off-balance in […]
15th July 2019

Sound bath and Yin Yoga, a healing experience

My Yin & Tonic experience with sound baths My first ever experience of an ancient practice called a “ sound […]
6th July 2019

Classical Indian Dance and Yoga: Two Distinct Approaches to Embodiment

Classical Indian dance and yoga are two systems of spiritually based movement practices that can offer different ways of experiencing […]
4th July 2019

What is Reusi Dat Ton? The Thai self-massage

The traditional art of Thai self-massage The meaning of Reusi Dat Ton: Thai self-massage The meaning of “Reusi” is an […]
29th June 2019

4 lessons the practice of Mindfulness can teach you

Mindfulness: Beyond a Buzzword When I was first introduced to mindfulness in 2010, it was still a relatively obscure concept […]
14th June 2019
yoga and creativity

Yoga and Creativity: How to improve your creativity by practicing yoga

Be more creative in practicing yoga! Go With the Flow: practice yoga and creativity We can frame and reframe how […]
12th May 2019
Sitali and Sitkari Pranayama

Sitali and Sitkari Pranayama and a Cooling Spray for when you get too hot inside or out!

How to Keep Your Cool withSitali and Sitkari Pranayama and essential oils As we approach the warmer months of summer […]
23rd April 2019

The influence of the moon in our Yoga practice

Some ideas of how and why it can be interesting to acknowledge the influence of the moon in our yoga […]
17th April 2019

Lokavipatti Sutta: Buddha’s teachings on the eight worldly winds

Finding stillness in the storm of life A couple of months ago, I made the bold decision to pack my […]
26th March 2019

Three ways to employ essential oils in your daily yoga practice

Pure Essence: Essential Oils and Yoga How I came to use essential oils and yoga Essential oils for health My […]
20th March 2019

The practice of Yoga: asanas, pranayama, relaxation, and Meditation

The Practice of Yoga “Your body is not a machine, rather a wonderfully intricate interaction with everything around you, which […]
13th March 2019
Root to Wing Yoga

About Roots To Wings and Teacher Training Immersion in Spain

Lucia Yoga is SO thrilled to announce our collaboration with Roots to Wings Yoga to create the ultimate yoga experience […]
12th November 2018

How to improve your health with yin yoga and Self- Myofascial Release

7th November 2018

Nutrition according to Ayurveda

An overview of the Ayurvedic approach to nutrition and health Introduction to Ayurveda Originating in India more than 5 000 […]
13th October 2018
Danielle Galway

The Five Yama’s and your Asana practice

Find out how you can connect Yoga Philosophy to your Asana practice. Yoga is not just about physical postures (Asana). […]