6th August 2015
succesful yoga retreat

Top 5 Tips to Make Your Yoga Retreat Successful

These are the 5 tips to make your yoga retreat successful What makes a yoga retreat successful comes down to […]
24th August 2015
Unforgettable yoga holidays 2

What makes your yoga holidays unforgettable?

An unforgettable yoga holidays! When you plan your holidays and start looking for yoga retreats or other activities you always […]
5th September 2015
yoga retreat in spain yoga teacher training course

Yoga retreats, first step for a Teacher Trainer Course TTC

Yoga Retreats as a good training for a yoga TTC Yoga retreat is the first and foremost step to find […]
12th September 2015
organize a yoga retreat in the teacher training course

How to Organize a Yoga Retreat by Yourself – 5 Simple Steps

The Time to Organize a Yoga Retreat of Your Own in 5 Simple Steps You love yoga and you want […]
24th September 2015

Profitable Yoga Retreats: Getting Paid to Teach in Paradise

Are you able to organize a Profitable Yoga Retreat on your own? A common problem with new yoga instructors The […]
1st October 2015
vegetarian retreat diet spain

6 Benefits of Wholesome Yoga Retreat Diet

The impact a yoga retreat diet can have on your overall yoga practice, health and well-being A yoga retreat is […]
4th December 2015
yoga practice alenxandra

When You Lose your Connection to your Yoga Practice

My Connection to My Yoga Practice Over the years, my connection to my yoga practice has constantly evolved. In my […]
15th December 2015
With Saraswati in KPJAYI

Ashtanga Yoga Retreat: How can it improve your personal practice?

All the help Ashtanga Yoga Retreat provides to heal and balance our body through all the different techniques. Offerings an […]
26th December 2015
yoga Retreat october 2016

The 5 Natural Elements

Connect with Nature! How our lives are intimately connected to nature? Rediscover the power of nature to re-connect us with […]
12th January 2016
Eknath Chanting Yoga Retreat in May

Chanting: why include it on your daily Yoga practice?

Nada Yoga – The Yoga Of Sound I suppose you have a voice? Then you can do chanting and Nada […]
21st January 2016
Yoga and meditation Retreat with Maike Pulver and lucia yoga

Yoga and Meditation Retreats for a sustainable change

How yoga and meditation retreats can jump start your new healthy life. Yoga classes, workshops and yoga and meditation retreats […]
4th February 2016
Ashtanga Yoga Retreat

Why an Ashtanga Mysore Style Yoga Retreat?

Let’s start explaining what Ashtanga Mysore Style is   Imagine a room where every person is doing his/her own practice, […]
6th February 2016
Yoga and Reiki Retreat

4 Reasons to Go on a Yoga and Reiki Retreat.

Yoga and reiki retreat, a vacation like no other Have you noticed that the most significant shifts often occur after […]
22nd February 2016
Eknath harmonium kirtan yoga

5 Reasons to love kirtan

Things made me love kirtan as a yoga practice For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been attracted […]
24th February 2016
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in a Yoga Retreat

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in a Yoga Retreat in Spain

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: How Questioning Normality Empowers Us to Live with Purpose Our society, more than any society before […]
7th March 2016
Vinyasa Yoga Retreat in Spain, october 2016

Lightening Our Ecological Footprints in a Vinyasa Yoga Retreat

Lightening Our Ecological Footprints Vinyasa Yoga Vinyasa Yoga is a form of yoga that asks us to pay great attention […]
20th March 2016
yin yan yoga with Nathalie Emelianova with Lucia Yoga

Yin yan yoga for life

Yin yan Yoga Most of our lives we are running. Not literally of course, the modern world is very similar […]