Yoga Retreat with Janet Keogh

26th- 31 st August 2018

Granada, Spiritual Magnetism.
Leave me in Granada in the middle of paradise where my soul wells with poetry

Give him an offering, my lady, for there is no greater tragedy than that of the blind man in Granada.


So goes the famous quote, allegedly said to a woman passing a beggar in the street in Granada. The beauty and truth of the phrase encapsulates everything about this majestic city. The city offers the visitor a dizzying variety of attractions, from it’s fun-filled streets (this is a large student city) to its reputation as a Flamenco hotspot, Granada offers both history and modernity. Opposite the Alhambra is the Albaycín – the old Muslim quarter of the city, and with its steep banks, winding streets and sharp turns, an air of the past still lingers here.

Our venue is near the capital of the province of the same name and the wider region holds a number of attractions. From the mystical Alpujarras mountains, to the Sierra Nevada and down to the Costa Tropical centred on Salobreña, a visitor to this province can ski in the morning, have lunch in the city, then sit on the beach in the afternoon. Not a bad claim to fame.

While on your yoga retreat, spend an evening in old town for a night out where you can experience the nightlife of Spain, nibbling tapas and get the chance to see local flamenco dancers. Stroll around the Albaycín, exploring the old Muslim quarter opposite the Alhambra and stop at the Arab tea house Abaco Te for a journey in time with a tea and sweet local pastry, 1400AD style. Afterwards head up to the Mirador San Nicolás for a spectacular view of the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada. Visit the Cathedral and Royal Chapel – resting place of the famous Catholic kings Fernando and Isabel. Take your time to explore the province visiting the Costa Tropical for the beach. Practice a variety of Yoga styles with different instructors immersed in the peace of Spiritual Magnetism of Granada

You can relax on the beach, go to the mountains, enjoy sightseeing and practice yoga on this all encompassing yoga retreat in beautiful Granada Spain!

Veggie Organic Meals

Different Yoga Teachers

Four Yoga Classes per Day

Pick Up and Activities Included

  • 5 Nights at the beautiful Granada venue
  • 4 Yoga classes per day: 2 Energizing and 2 gentle/yin yoga. For all levels and ages
  • 2 Yoga Workshops
  • 3 Delicious healthy meals daily
  • Pick Up from Granada Bus Station to the Venue
  • Beach Day Trip and Picnic to Motril or Salobreña Beach
  • Sightseeing Tour to the Granada city center, Albayzin neighborhood, Arab tea/shops, Miradors and Traditional meal
  • All transportation for included activities
  • Visit local historic sites

Arrival Day. Sunday: Pick up 15:30 Granada Bus Station
Friday: Departure day at 12:00

  • 7:30 Meditation.
  • 8:00- 09:30 Energizing Yoga class.
  • 09:00-10:30 Breakfast.
  • 10:00-11:00 Gentle Yoga Class.
  • 11:30-13:30 Free time, Included Activity or Workshop.
  • 14:00-15:00 Lunch, Traditional Meal in the city or Picnic
  • 15:00-18:00 Free time, Included Activity or Workshop.
  • 18:00-19:15 Energizing yoga Class.
  • 19:15- 20:15 Yin Yoga or Restorative yoga class.
  • 20:30 Dinner.
(*)The schedule is flexible. It will adapt to the needs of each group or other reasons.


The retreat is located at Pinos Puente, Granada, Spain. This is 20 min from Granada airport, 2h 30 min from Sevilla airport, or 1h 15 min from Malaga airport.

If you wish to have an airport transfer from Malaga we are happy to organize for you both pick up and drop off in time for your flight after the retreat. You can also get to the house via train or bus to Granada. Both, buses and trains, leave Malaga or Sevilla city regularly throughout the day and we can come pick you up from the bus/train station in Granada.


Janet began practicing yoga in 2010 and loved how her body was challenged, the calming effect(s) it had on her mind, allowed her to approach life differently. Her quest to deepen her knowledge of the mind/body connection yoga offers brought her to Nicaragua where she studied with Master Trainer Meghan Currie. Her classes incorporate Hatha and Vinyasya styles of yoga, and she is eager so share her knowledge and passion for yoga with her students everywhere.

She believes that slowing things down with breath and mastering alignment are key to a healthy practice. The trans-formative powers of yoga have had a profound effect on her life, and it is her calling to teach others this healing practice. Her teaching style is upbeat and approachable, making all feel welcome.

janet k


Bachelor of Arts in Communications from De Paul University
Yoga Sculpt Training from CorePower Yoga
200 RYT with master trainer Meghan Currie
Philosophy teachings with Acharya Aman
Anatomy lessons from Lindsay Mayock
School of Life

I teach yoga to share the knowledge I have gained about the trans-formative powers of yoga with others. At its most basic level, yoga is about noticing the mind/body connection, and using it to better understand yourself and realize you have everything within you that you need to navigate life. To me, Yoga is about tuning into yourself, a moving meditation that links breath and movement to challenge the body while quieting the mind and allowing your spirit to shine. Yoga helps mange daily stress, anxiety, depression even sadness and pain. Recognizing that these things live in our bodies, empowers us to work through and release them. Yoga serves as a gateway for me to use my energy in a way that allows me to focus my thoughts, clear out negativity and anxiety, and feel comfortable in my own skin.

My focus is to share with others the ideas and teachings of the yoga community and practice. Self love, deep breathing, clean eating, and karma as well as dharma - the belief that we all have a special gift to share with the world. The idea that we have everything we need to navigate life within us, and we can learn to tap in to through yoga, and listening to our internal voice. Making time for yourself to reset and recharge is a gift, learning to tune in is an empowering tool.

After coming across the Lucia Yoga Retreat website, I knew I had to reach out and make a connection. Their mission to create a worldwide yoga network of like minded individuals spoke to me. Many things that I am passionate about such as food, music , dance and of course YOGA, are topics that extend across the lines of and classifications that people put themselves into such as ethnicity, age, demographic, etc. At our core we are all humans that can learn from each other and expand our mind and hearts through shared experiences. I am so excited to partner with Lucia Yoga retreats, and hope you will join us in August of 2017.


Tuning In - Getting back to Basics

This workshop will go over getting yourself back to basics - wherever you are now. With the fast paced and go go go nature of our world, it can be easy to feel worn down and the basics are the 1st and easiest for people to push to the side. Layering on ways to bring up your baseline - quality sleep, eating regular (and nutritious) meals, making time everyday for self care, journaling, and taking time to connect with others are just a few of the tools I would cover in this workshop. Offering tangible ways to start incorporating these elements into their lives to create new patterns and cover the basic ideas of Samskara, Tratak & Breathing techniques.

Reconnecting with your Mind+Body

Within us is a continuous process of networks and systems in constant communications. Our minds/bodies are pure intelligence constantly downloading new information, upgrading programs we have and changing us day to day. It can be easy to feel disconnected from yourself, and yoga is a great tool to use and learn about the mind body connection. Learning that the three Gunas - Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas can play a big part in how we are feeling and then starting from that point and using yoga breath and movement to invigorate (Brahmana) or Calm (Langhana) can make these ups and downs less jarring in your day to day life. Determining your state and cultivating its opposite to create a balancing effect. While this practice is more applicable for those with depression or anxiety, I think it is a good teaching for those dealing with trauma as well as another tool for self soothing and mindfulness.

Finding your focus in your yoga practice

Finding Focus in your Yoga Practice

It takes practice and commitment. To incorporate dirshti into each posture requires a more advanced practice. Starting with the breath is a great foundation, and layering on the drishti in poses you are more steady and comfortable in, is a great way to incorporate both forms of focus into your yoga practice

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comfort zone

Living outside of your Comfort Zone

Going to work? Talking to your spouse/significant other/best friend? Having lunch/dinner at a certain time? As defined by Wikipedia, the comfort zone is a psychological state in which a person feels familiar, at ease, in control and experiences low anxiety and stress. In the zone a steady level of performance is possible. What does that mean.

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DATES:26th- 31 st August 2018

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