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We hold retreats in our different retreat centers from March through November. Join us to relax and enjoy, you're in good hands!

Retreats calendar


We hold retreats in our different retreat centers from March through November. Join us to relax and enjoy, you're in good hands!

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Fill your spirit with healthy holidays by immersing in yoga, connection, nature, fun and history. Come to disconnect and reconnect, relax, make friends, feel rejuvenated and eat healthy food. Enjoy the serenity of the retreat center while staying in luxury and fully equipt accommodations. Between yoga classes and home cooked mediterranean meals, stroll through the natural landscape, hike to the top of a mountain or soak up the sun by the pool or on a day trip to the beach. Watch a breathtaking flamenco show, visit villages and towns full of history and culture, taste local olive oil and wine or tour a world class Arab palace. Come for the opportunity to develop spiritually, emotionally and personally.

Check our calendar to select your retreat at Lucia Yoga. Lucia Yoga retreats are with a mix of teachers, like mini yoga festivals. Individual organizer retreats are specialized, organized by the leader and hosted by Lucia Yoga.

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by Lucia Yoga
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20 - 25 May 2024
17 - 22 June 2024
16 - 21 September 2024
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Mediterranean (Valencia / Alicante)
by Lucia Yoga
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1 - 8 March 2025
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Thailand (Krabi)
by Lucia Yoga
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3 - 8 May, 2024
31 May - 5 June, 2024
30 August - 4 September, 2024
25 - 30 October, 2024
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Nature Reserve (Cadiz / Malaga)
by Lucia Yoga
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6 - 11 April 2025
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Nature Reserve (Cadiz / Malaga)


1How do I arrive at the retreat center? Can I arrive early and/or stay late?
- We arrange and provide transportation in our Lucia Yoga shuttle between our retreat centers and the bus station, train station or airport, depending on your circumstance and your retreat's organization. For specific details pertaining to your retreat, contact us or your retreat leader.
- Our retreat centers are operational while your retreat is in session. We are happy to provide you with information of nearby hotels or places to stay before or after your retreat.
2Are food allergies accepted? What food can I expect?
- Yes, our chefs happily honor and accommodate all food allergies and/or intolerance while providing tasty nutritious meals during your retreat. Please advise us or your retreat leader prior to the start date.
- Our chefs create delicious Mediterranean menus from local organic products. We offer vegan, vegetarian, fish or meat menus depending on your retreat, while always being in balance and providing healthy meals. Please contact us or your retreat leader for the type of cuisine during your retreat. In retreats ran by Lucia Yoga, the menu is always vegetarian.
3Are the classes good for beginners?
Yes, classes are for all levels and ages. Lucia Yoga Teachers offer many yoga styles and instruct in a way to welcome everyone. If you have specific questions about the yoga or workshops, please ask us or your retreat leader.
4Do I need to bring money for anything or my own yoga mat?
- Normally all yoga classes, workshops, meals and accommodation are included in your price. Depending on your retreat, there are opportunities to visit Spanish cities and villages where you may want to purchase souvenirs or other items. At the retreat itself, you would only need spending money for optional purchases such as massages, extra tours or activities, items from the Lucia Yoga gift shop or any special individual transportation you may need. Please contact us or your retreat leader for specific details.
- We provide all sanitized yoga equipment at our retreat centers. Also, you are welcome to bring your own yoga mat if you prefer.
5How do I pay? Are taxes/VAT included?
- For retreats with your leader, please contact her/him about how to pay. For retreats ran by Lucia Yoga, you can pay through credit card or PayPal through our website. If you'd like to pay by wire transfer, please contact and we'll send you wire transfer details. We accept partial cash payments once at the retreat center, please ask us for details or let us know your preferences.
- Taxes/VAT are always included in the prices listed in our website.
6What about COVID-19?
Lucia Yoga is constantly monitoring, following and implementing all current COVID-19 regulations in our retreats.


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