Let's do retreats together!


Travel to Spain, teach yoga and earn money as a Lucia Yoga Teacher.

Let's do retreats together!


Travel to Spain, teach yoga and earn money as a Lucia Yoga Teacher.


Fill the Application

Send the application form and description about you.
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Skype Meeting

We will contact you for a skype meeting so we can understand each other better.


Pay the deposit

Pay 150€ to secure your commitment and reservation as a Yoga Teacher. (Refundable)


Find at least 4 participants

We create these retreats together!

Work and Fun in One

Benefits and Compensation

As a Lucia Yoga Teacher you will be required to teach yoga lessons and provide any additional assistance related to the organization of the retreat, workshops and yoga sessions for a maximum of 5 hours per day.

Step by step

Example Payment Procedure

  • The Teacher chooses one of our retreats, during one of the available time slots.
  • The Teacher pays the 150€ deposit committing her/himself to the retreat.
  • Lucia Yoga starts promoting the Teacher through Lucia Yoga's website and social networks.
  • 5 participants register and attend the retreat through the Teacher.
  • The minimum requirement is 4 participants, however you can invite all the people you want to your retreat!
  • After collective promotion, 13 is the total number of retreat participants. 5 participants from the Teacher + 8 participants from Lucia Yoga or others.
Benefits and Compensation in this example
If needed

Deposit Refunding

As a Lucia Yoga Teacher, your deposit of 150€ allows us to know you are committed to working with us at this retreat.
50€ of your deposit goes to Lucia Yoga for internet advertising to gain more participants for your retreat. 100€ of your deposit can be refunded if you:

Send us the required information about you

For the Lucia Yoga website. (Pictures and descriptions in English.)

Write at least one blog post about your workshop and your yoga

Describe the workshop you will teach or any other related yoga topic you find inspiring. We will send you the blog post requirements.

Find at least 4 participants

Actively seek and promote the retreat through your circles, networks and social media in order to find participants.

Send an email notification about your cancellation

In case of your cancellation, send an email notification, 60 days before start date of your retreat.

Listen to Experiences

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Application Form

Please If you don't have one, write none.com
Please write none, If you don't have one.
*If yes, tell us about how many sessions per week, city, studio website, yoga styles you teach, etc

*We always reply to all emails. If you do not receive news from us, please contact us again