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Yoga project that wants to bring free education

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YogaMakes a Difference to our Community!
Yoga project that wants to bring free education around the world!

Caroline Westling and Rathesh Acharya
are two devoted yogis with a lifetime of experience who, propelled by an enormous sense of service, want to give to our communities the possibility to get an intense free education in yoga. They believe that the benefits of a strong body and a calm mind go far beyond the individual’s needs and extend through all of us like ripples on the water.
It doesn’t take much to inspire each other and to give a helping hand.

This is how it works

YogaMakes goes to a city around the world and for 10 days shares deep knowledge on asana practice and philosophy of the Vedas for free. The only thing that is asked from the students in return is that they keep the karma yoga going and share free yoga classes in their community. In this way reaching out to an even wider audience of people.


Because yoga is still reserved to an elite and we don’t believe it should be so. Because we want that people come together to deepen their practice and to understand that to progress alone is not going to bring lasting satisfaction.
More and more there is extensive research being done on the effects of meditation (and physical exercise for that matter). And for those who practice the effects are evident in one’s day-to-day life.
YogaMakes has been in Stockholm, Barcelona and Berlin so far. It has taught over 200 students. Once the training is over, students feel inspired to inspire. From here it is not
difficult to imagine all the different places and people one could share yoga with: family, friends, co-workers, children in schools or child care, women and men in clinics or prisons….

When one feels content with oneself then whatever they do and whoever they reach out to will understand this and become attracted to it.

We are all in this journey together!

But we need help to be able to continue this mission. YogaMakes has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that will go on until the 8th of June.
If you feel that you connect with the project and that you want to see change happen around you for the benefit of the generations to come, follow the link and support the cause!
We need to be together in this and understand that we can all help a little.
We also look forward to see you on a next YogaMakes a Difference education!

Antonio Escobar
Antonio Escobar
Globetrotter and Software Engineer specialized in Web Development, Online Marketing and Business Manager. Through his own company and personal website: Webabordo.com, Antonio has worked and lived in more than 10 cities, 6 countries, 2 continents and 4 companies with different sizes. - Luciayoga.com gives me the chance to connect with people around the world in a healthy and cultural activity. It makes my job like if I would always be travelling.


  1. Beau Robacker says:

    What you guys are doing is incredibly beautiful and inspiring. I agree with everything you have said, and I feel a deep connection because this is my dream and focus. I want to bring the possibility of learning Yoga to the rest of humanity. I want to build retreats that are free or nearly free so everyone can have the chance to have an experience that will change their lives. This wisdom and knowledge is too secluded and involves too much money. I can personally speak on that as well, I was raised in a very poor family of 8 siblings and right now I cannot work because of health issues that I am recovering from now. But I am broke. I have no money, and I am relying on people around me to literally help me survive. So it is frustrating when my goal os to become educated and practiced in Yoga and share it with the world, bexause getting started costs money or seems to be that way to me. So finding this was hugely inspiring and made me cry. Thank you and i hope to collaborate with you guys soon. Namaste

    • Thanks you very much. Beau. Well, you message is the beautiful and inspiring one. Please follow us in our social network, we would like to keep in touch with you. All the best for you. Regards from Southern Spain

  2. filipa ekeroth says:

    Thank you Beau for your comment. It is always so nice to hear how the ripples of what we are sharing crosses far beyond borders and brings us closer together. stay tuned on facebook on where we will go next. Would love to meet you someday. In the meantime keep up the good spirits and get well. This practice is strong but it gently makes its way through our own bodies and minds and eventually into the hearts of our societies too.
    Warmly – Filipa

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