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The Best Online Resources for New Yogis

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As yoga continues to surge through the health and wellness community worldwide, more and more yogis are looking into ways to enhance their practice. While classes and instructors impart essential wisdom to their students, there are other resources that can be used to refine your yoga skills and abilities.

The internet offers access to information in a way that would have once seemed impossible. The online yoga community is booming with tutorials, recommendations, information and products that can help you improve your yoga sessions. In this article, we’ll be looking into the best online resources for new yogis so you can kick start your journey to becoming an experienced yogi.

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YouTube Channels

You can learn almost anything from YouTube these days, and yoga is no exception. Without having to travel thousands of miles, you can get access to expert advice and tutorials on various yoga forms. Before you head over to the channels we recommend, be sure to protect your activity through a Virtual Private Network; otherwise, you’ll be vulnerable to hackers.

Some popular YouTube channels include:

Yoga with Adriene
Interval Yoga
Fightmaster Yoga
Cosmic Kids Yoga
Strala at Home
Yoga Journal
Yoga Online

If you want to learn about a specific yoga technique or pose, you can always search YouTube directly, as there’ll most likely be hundreds of videos answering all your questions and concerns. Alternatively, you can browse through the vast selection of yoga videos available and see if you uncover any new forms or styles that pique your interest.


There are hundreds of popular yoga based websites and blogs you can learn from. For example, this website, Lucia Yoga, has a great selection of information on yoga, including retreats, self-improvement posts, yoga methods and techniques, and much more.

Other popular yoga websites include:

Yogi Approved
Do Yoga with Me
J. Brown Yoga
Rachel Scott: The Art of Education

If you want to keep up to date with the latest developments and information in the online yoga community, these websites will be of great use to you.


Another useful resource the internet provides is apps for yogis. There are a variety of apps devoted to yoga. Some popular fitness applications also have settings and areas designed specifically for a yoga practice. For example, the Fitbit has settings for yoga that can track your calorie burn and heart rate along with a time frame. This means you can see when your body enters the fat burning zone and where your heart rate is most active, which is useful data if you’re using yoga as a weight loss method.

Popular yoga apps include:

Gain yoga
Universal Breathing: Pranayama
Fitstar Yoga
Pocket Yoga
Daily Yoga

If you’re brand new to the yoga community or you’re a beginner yogi, there are many online resources you can utilize to enhance your skills outside of the studio. YouTube channels, websites and apps all provide a huge array of information and tutorials that will take you from beginner to an experienced yogi in no time.

Caroline eHealthInformer
Caroline eHealthInformer
Caroline is a tech and health blogger who has a deep passion for yoga. She likes to practice yoga at home and in the studio. Whenever she finds time, she enjoys blogging about her yoga journey, helping new and experienced yogis enhance their abilities.

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