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How to Organize a Yoga Retreat by Yourself – 5 Simple Steps

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The Time to Organize a Yoga Retreat of Your Own in 5 Simple Steps

You love yoga and you want to teach it to others, inspire them with what has inspired you so much. It is heart warming to us here a Lucia Yoga when we see others attempt for the first time to organize a yoga retreat after studying and relaxing at one of our resorts. It is partly what continues to inspire us to provide the service we do and to continue to grow as human beings and share the love and compassion with others.

At Lucia Yoga we have two options for those looking to organize a yoga retreat on their own.

If you are looking to organize a yoga retreat, there are 5 simple steps you should take before you open your first class to your students. These will help you carefully build up and become more confident in your own abilities and choose the right location for your very own retreat.

#1 Study the Competition in Multiple Locations

To organize a yoga retreat successfully you must first understand what makes a successful one. Before committing to setting up your own yoga retreat it really can’t hurt to visit others and see what they are doing. Make notes of what you like and more importantly what you don’t like. Work out your target market and how they are being won over in different locations around the world. Travel and enjoy yourself.


#2 Participate in Ashram or other Yoga Retreats

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There are many different strands to yoga and yoga retreats. Here at Lucia Yoga we offer retreats in different locations, so you can meditate on the beach or take classes with a mountain view and breathe in the fresh air. You might like to hike or do water sports, and there’s the choice of Hatha, Ashtanga or Vinyasa Yoga. Travel to different ashram and by figuring out what you enjoy to do, you’ll work out where you’ll be most comfortable leading classes. The more comfortable you are the better your students will feel.


#3 Create and Promote your Brand

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Once you’ve decided to take the plunge, how do you plan to find new customers and let them know about your yoga retreat? Although when you’re teaching classes in a yoga retreat itself your vibe should be one of complete tranquility and peacefulness, we do have to utilize the modern world and its technology in order to speak to our students. Create a brand name and style that speaks volumes for who you are and where you want to be. Create a website that will attract the type of people you want to become your students. Set up social media accounts and show the world what you plan to do and share stories of your daily routines and successful classes.


#4 Try a Bigger Yoga Retreat and More Ambitious Projects

When you visited and sampled different retreats you will have met some amazing people; both students and teachers. Utilize these contacts and find out how they promote themselves, but also if they would like to work with you. This is a crucial stage in organizing your own retreat, first trying out with other people and learning from those who have successfully managed yoga retreats. Teaching in conjunction with others will loosen you up to working with others and passing on your knowledge to students. It should be fun and engaging, relaxing and full of laughter. Working with other, established yoga retreats will be a great experience to feed into your own, future retreats.


#5 Now is the Time to Organize a Yoga Retreat of Your Own

At this stage you’ll have a fair idea of what type of yoga you wish to teach, the types of students you want to be involved with and the ideal locations for you. A positive outlook is important and once you’ve followed these steps you’ll have just that. A clear mind, a goal that is within your grasp and a way to speak to the people who will make it a reality for you. Go out there and organize a retreat of your own without any fear. Transmit your own inner calm and enhance the lives of others with honest and healthy food, stunning locations and yoga teachings that ensure inner peace and calm.

At Lucia Yoga we have two options for those looking to organize a yoga retreat on their own. You are welcome to use the space we have to arrange your own retreat and classes. Alternatively, combine your skills and classes with our instructors and teach with us, as part of our programmes. If you’re interested in finding out more, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the best options for you. We combine Eastern culture with the beauty and simplicity of Andalucía life. Come on board and help us inspire others to find themselves once again with ultra relaxation through yoga and meditation, workshops and a healthy, locally sourced vegetarian food.

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