Yantras and MAntras
What is Yantras and Mantras about?
15th June 2016
Finding your focus in your yoga practice
Finding Focus in your Yoga Practice
29th July 2016
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Find the Perfect Yoga Practice for You (Infographic)

find the perfect yoga practice

Think every yoga practice is the same? Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha…. Find the Perfect Yoga Practice for You in this Infographic

Think every yoga practice is the same? You’d be surprised just how many different types of yoga there are—and just how easy it is to match your needs and wants with the right kind of yoga. Find the perfect yoga Practice for you

Many people are familiar with the physical kick of ashtanga yoga—very cardio heavy but regimented in its sequence. It holds some similarities with vinyasa, too. And very hot yoga, sometimes called bikram, follows the same set of poses during every practice. Many people turn to yoga for its more meditative aspects, which is why they might like a pursuit called anusara or iyengar.

Need some tips on how to choose your yoga style? Those are just a few of the options for yoga—there are many more. Use this graphic to get acquainted with all the different paths to physical strength and inner harmony that you can follow.



perfect yoga practice
Source: PartSelect.com

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