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Slowing Down, Tuning in & Moving Forward with yoga

Janet keogh

Shedding Layers, Clearing Your Mind, Pressing the Reset Button

For most of my life I have been on the go, working, socializing, cleaning, playing, driving – you get it. Moving in some way shape or form. Anyone that has ever lived with me knows I find it challenging to sit still and relax. Even on vacation it takes a few days to kick in that I don’t have to plan, rush, or be anywhere at a specific time. Sound familiar?

Go Go Go

With multiple jobs, family commitments, and a busy social calendar I found myself stretched to my limits and stressed out. Now that I have started to clear my plate, commit less, and take time to reflect, I find myself wondering why I felt the need to be so busy.
Lack of focus? Lack of funds? Fear that I might be avoiding something I don’t want to deal with?

Slowing Down

After realizing that I was able to see the amount of opportunity, love, and beauty that surrounds me daily, I decided to slow down. By making a conscious effort to allow some sort of self-care into my life daily (yoga, reading, shower scrub, pedicure) and really focusing on those 20-60 minutes I have been able to find clarity on how I want to continue to shape this new chapter of my life. With time to slow down and reflect, my focus has come back to my creative side and projects that I want to accomplish, that involve yoga, travel, and connecting with others.
Researching and generating new and interesting themes and flows for my classes, opening myself up to more travel and connecting with those that are like minded, and following through on a workshop I created aimed and those that are new to yoga have all come to the surface in the past few months, and I could not be happier about it!

Tuning In

Allowing myself to slow down, process, tune into my intuition (and actually listen to it) have resulted in a much happier me, and more authentic connections with others. My sense of guilt for taking time for me or letting others know that I need time alone is something that I have to practice and stick to so that I can be the best and truest version of myself in all the roles that I play in the world.

Daughter, sister, aunt, friend, partner, teacher, it can be exhausting, but the abundance of opportunity that the universe continues to send my way is amazing, and my mission is to ensure that I am ready with open arms.

Moving Forward

2017 has already been an amazing year taking me to Hawaii, Tennessee, Mexico and Florida. Travel is something that has always made me feel free, alive, and full of wonder. It is the easiest way to get out of a funk, shift your perspective, and enjoy new experiences.

Janet Keogh
Janet Keogh
Janet began practicing yoga in 2010 and loved how her body was challenged, the calming effect(s) it had on her mind, allowed her to approach life differently. Her quest to deepen her knowledge of the mind/body connection yoga offers brought her to Nicaragua where she studied with Master Trainer Meghan Currie. Her classes incorporate Hatha and Vinyasya styles of yoga, and she is eager so share her knowledge and passion for yoga with her students everywhere. She believes that slowing things down with breath and mastering alignment are key to a healthy practice. The trans-formative powers of yoga have had a profound effect on her life, and it is her calling to teach others this healing practice. Her teaching style is upbeat and approachable, making all feel welcome. You can see what she’s up to on her personal website stretchandbreathewithme.com


  1. Meryl says:

    Hi Janet, you’ll have to come to my Mindfulness Workshop when we’re in Granada – a meeting of minds 🙂

  2. Janet Keogh says:

    Absolutely, SO excited we are all collaborating! XO

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