2nd June 2020
Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change

Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change

How Mindfulness and the Noble Truths can help cope with the uncertainty COVID-19 brings
20th March 2020

4 Powerful Tools To Help You Manage Stress

How I share powerful relaxation tools to help manage stress, overwhelm and anxiety My name is Frances, and I am […]
15th March 2020

Developing a Self Care Practice in your life

Why do we need Self Care? What really is it? And how to practice it for yourself “Self Care” seems […]
24th January 2020
Sam Russell Yamas 2

Tying Patanjali’s Yamas Into Everyday Practice

Yama-Stay? How honest are you with your own practice? Why do YOU do yoga? Does your body love it everytime? Or is it asking you for something else?
17th January 2020
Spain, Dehesa de Abajo: Claudia plays her gong and singing bowls in nature

The history of sound healing and music therapy

There are many theories how sound healing evolved and it is difficult to put an exact time and place to when and where it originated from.
26th March 2019

Three ways to employ essential oils in your daily yoga practice

Pure Essence: Essential Oils and Yoga How I came to use essential oils and yoga Essential oils for health My […]
8th May 2017
Janet keogh

Slowing Down, Tuning in & Moving Forward with yoga

Shedding Layers, Clearing Your Mind, Pressing the Reset Button For most of my life I have been on the go, […]
30th August 2016
comfort zone

Living outside of your Comfort Zone

What makes you feel comfortable & secure on a daily basis? comfort zone Going to work? Talking to your spouse/significant […]
21st January 2016
Yoga and meditation Retreat with Maike Pulver and lucia yoga

Yoga and Meditation Retreats for a sustainable change

How yoga and meditation retreats can jump start your new healthy life. Yoga classes, workshops and yoga and meditation retreats […]
4th December 2015
yoga practice alenxandra

When You Lose your Connection to your Yoga Practice

My Connection to My Yoga Practice Over the years, my connection to my yoga practice has constantly evolved. In my […]