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The universal balance: Yin Yoga for balancing the Chakras

How do you know you need some yin yoga for balancing your chakras?

  • Have you ever felt slightly off-balance in your life?
  • You somehow can’t manage to bring your goals into realization?
  • Do you struggle to maintain a consistent yoga practice or a healthy lifestyle?
  • Or maybe you just can’t decide what your goal should be?
  • Perhaps you have trouble succeeding and just can’t seem to shift the feeling you aren’t good enough.

This could be a case of imbalanced or misdirected energy. Perhaps your energy power centers (or as we call them)- chakras, need unblocking and balancing.

If that might be the case for you. A yin yoga practice can help greatly to go deep into the areas of stuck energy, thoughts, feelings, and blockages. But even more beneficial is directing that energy towards the chakras and releasing blocks or calming overactive centers.

By bringing balance to your essential energy you will be able to see clearly, function at full power, realign and readdress multiple areas of your life and just generally live your best life as the best version of yourself.

Let me tell you a little about this practice…

What is yin yoga?

Feminine practice

Yin represents the properties of femininity, stillness, introspection, and softness. Yin Yoga is a still soft yoga practice during which, various yoga poses are held for long periods of time.

As you hold the poses for extended periods of time the focus becomes less about the outside world and any thoughts of what other people are doing or how you look. You begin to focus inward and observe the fluctuations of the mind.

Now, don’t be fooled this is not the easy way out. Nor is it the lazy yoga practice. In fact, it takes great stamina and will power to be still not just bodily but with a still mind too.

Meditative practice

Yin Yoga is a meditative approach. It can even be said that yin yoga can aid a practitioner in finding meditation. It is a practice that often helps those who struggle to quieten their mind, to achieve a meditative state.

How does Yin Yoga effect energy channels and chakras?

When you practice Yin Yoga you are spending time in stillness and introspection, for prolonged periods of time. This means you can go deeper into the subtle layers of the body, releasing deeply rooted tension.

Yin yoga works on the deep layers of the tissue that can restrict a person’s quality of movement. But, not only are you accessing stuck areas of the physical body, you are also tapping into the energetic body.

A human’s vital energy force or as we call in yoga, Prana, flows in rivers or channels, known as nadis or meridians. These rivers of energy travel through energetical power centers which we call chakras- the energetical power wheels of the subtle body.

By clearing the energetical blockages in those channels you are able to boost up underactive chakras or balance the flow of energy to overactive ones.

What does a chakra do?

Simply, a Chakra is an energy powerhouse. We have many chakras in our energetical body, we will look at the main seven. Located along the spinal column, from tailbone to crown of the head.

These energetical power centres are located on one very powerful river of energy that flows along the spine. You might think of the Chakras as flowers that are blooming along with it.

Each chakra has a different quality and those qualities are equally important. but you might imagine that as you start at the base of the spine the chakra qualities are primal in nature and as we reach the crown the qualities are embodying higher conscious.

The chakras in fact influence and are influenced by our behavior’s thoughts and feelings.

If one chakra is out of balance then it will unbalance the whole chain. And consequently impact our perspective, emotions, and behaviors either positively or negatively.

Benefits of balancing the chakras:

If we were to practice a holistic yin yoga sequence, we would help to balance the chakras as a whole. Bringing that balance and equilibrium back into our lives.

It is said that if you attain balance in the main seven chakras located along the spine from tailbone to crown you will activate the kundalini energy coiled at the base of the spine. By doing this it may be possible to experience a spiritual awakening or a form of enlightenment.

  • Increase in energy
  • Increase in health and vitality
  • Emotional stability
  • Relaxed and energized state of mind
  • Ability to recognise and serve your true purpose
  • Increased concentration
  • Increased stamina
  • Increased intuition
  • Contentment
  • Ability to see the bigger picture
  • Connection with nature and the universe
  • Alleviate symptoms from individual imbalanced chakras such as fear, greed or anger.

By practicing Yin Yoga for Chakra balancing you can help to rejuvenate and clean the energetical pathways and energy centres of the subtle body. This will happen over time and in combination with a positive outlook and a healthy lifestyle.

But even after one session you will feel the benefits. You may feel very emotional after a session of Yin Yoga, tired or totally energized. It very much depends on how your energy is balanced that day. So it is very important to let go and allow the process to unfold around you.

Just know that releasing anything that no longer serves you will allow you to shine. Allow and old and stagnant energy, thoughts and feelings to flow off you like water off ducks back!

Amy Suzanne
Amy Suzanne
Amy is known for her intuitive instruction; combining both subtle and physical guidance for her students to experience the holistic benefits of a yoga practice. She loves to teach flow yoga combing the meditative qualities of movement with introspective moments that allow students to access their own inner guide. Amy understands the deep benefits of yoga and implements an alignment approach in her classes; giving modifications, using props and hands-on adjustment making sure that each practitioner is safe and happy. Amy aims to have her students leave her classes feeling energized and restored, connected to their inner confidence ready to empower their lives.

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