30th September 2019

The Queen and king of inversions in Ashtanga yoga

An exploration of being upside down Inversions appear in our yoga practices regularly, no matter what style of yoga you […]
23rd April 2019

The influence of the moon in our Yoga practice

Some ideas of how and why it can be interesting to acknowledge the influence of the moon in our yoga […]
7th March 2017
mandala yoga style

What’s your Yoga Style?

Need some tips on how to choose your yoga style? Maybe you are just getting started and lost in the […]
11th August 2016
yoga life style

Living a Yoga Lifestyle through the Yamas and Niyamas

There can be no doubt that in the west we have fallen in love with yoga. But the reason why […]
15th July 2016
find the perfect yoga practice

Find the Perfect Yoga Practice for You (Infographic)

Think every yoga practice is the same? Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha…. Find the Perfect Yoga Practice for You in this Infographic […]
4th February 2016
Nita pequena

Why an Ashtanga Mysore Style Yoga Retreat?

Let’s start explaining what Ashtanga Mysore Style is   Imagine a room where every person is doing his/her own practice, […]
15th December 2015
With Saraswati in KPJAYI

Ashtanga Yoga Retreat: How can it improve your personal practice?

All the help Ashtanga Yoga Retreat provides to heal and balance our body through all the different techniques. Offerings an […]