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Profitable Yoga Retreats: Getting Paid to Teach in Paradise

Are you able to organize a Profitable Yoga Retreat on your own? A common problem with new yoga instructors

The day I decided to go into the yoga retreat business, my partner looked at me like I had struck gold.

Over the past year, we’ve hit over seven countries, searching for that spot – our spot. About a year and a half ago, we met on some idle Tuesday afternoon in Barcelona, and have been running around the globe, adventuring together ever since. But after spending the past several months in Australia, far from family, friends, career contacts, and everything we knew… we were ready to head back to Spain – the one country that set both of our souls on fire.

“So, we’ll go back to Spain, buy some big, beautiful villa on the beach for the same price we’re paying for our cardboard box apartment in Australia, and you’ll run yoga retreats from there!” he excitedly declared.

Hmm… living in paradise where the sun wakes you by kissing your face, where cleansing, tuning in to nature, and breathing in salt watered air makes laughing and loving simple, where smiles on faces come easy… getting to work with beautiful souls on similar paths, immersing myself each day in my passion, and best of all, learning and growing in myself with each individual that passes by. Done and done.

But as I started to try to figure out the logistics of it, mild panic began to set in. With an MSc in psychiatry, a BPsych, five years of post-grad education, and an internationally accredited yoga teaching certification – alas, I have never studied a single page of business. Marketing? SEO? Brand building? Lost.

A new solution: Partnerships for Profitable yoga retreats

profitable yoga retreat

As life would have it, that’s when I came across luciayoga. They have provided me with the perfect transitory opportunity: providing the stunning villa in the south of Spain, the knowledge and understanding of how to run a successful yoga retreat, the necessities such as yoga mats, and the expertise in marketing. Luciayoga teaches you about the yoga retreat business as you work with them to set up your own.

If travelling the world, connecting with like-minded seekers, and getting paid to do it sounds like a dream, read on – here are some guidelines for turning your your sun-kissing, om-chanting, green-juice-drinking, downward-dogging, living-laughing-loving lifestyle into your job!

How to travel the world, do what you love, and get paid to do it: Make your Yoga Retreat Profitable
#1 The key to having a profitable yoga retreat is to have a broad student base that you have consistent exposure to

You can do this by teaching at multiple venues, at different times in the day – this gives you access to all different types of clients. Social media can also work wonders in spreading the word about your work, especially if your work is something a little bit different and uniquely you!

#2 Consistent, repeat students are key

Speaking of social media – these days, you need to have it. Spread the word about what you’re doing. Keep mentioning it! Yoga alliance proclaims that people need to hear you talk about your retreat an average of seven times before they book. It can’t hurt to learn a about who might be interested in working with you, and reflect on who you would really like to work with as well. Attracting the right clients is key – you want them to feel good about the decision that they’re making. That starts with what you share about what you’ll be doing.

#3 Account for the time it takes to earn people’s trust

Understand deeply that in this business, people aren’t just making a decision to go on a vacation – they’re committing to doing the inner work to make big, sweeping changes in their personal lives. Work with them to help them move through barriers to this work by sharing your own story, and ensuring they feel safe in your hands. Account for the time it takes to earn people’s trust – for international retreats, start marketing one year in advance; for domestic retreats, start 6 months in advance. The further away you are, the more they have to truly believe in what you do to want to come to you.

#4 For every 10 people who say they will come to your retreat, only 1 will come

So don’t stop when you think you’ve done enough. Keep promoting what you are doing! Marketing is KEY for a profitable yoga retreat and getting enough students. Luckily, the guys at luciayoga have been on the ball with teaching me effective marketing strategies.

#5 Keep an email list

Keep in touch with old clients. Reach out to anybody who has expressed interest in what you do. Continue to generate excitement about what you are doing by sending out updates on different excursions your retreaters will be taking part in, sending photos of the places that they’ll see, and reflecting on what your program can do for them.

#6 To make a yoga retreat profitable, you have to consider timing

When considering timing, consider tourist seasons, holidays, and your clientele. For example, if many of your students have young children, it is highly unlikely that they will want to travel for long periods of time, or travel far away from home.

#7 Location, location, location

In terms of locations, consider how much transportation is necessary to get there. Clients do not want a lot of hassle to get to your retreat. Make sure your location is accessible. Location is one of the most important key for a successful yoga retreat

#8 Coordinate theme of retreat with local culture & excursions

People retreat not just to cleanse and feel good, but to get away from their everyday lives. One of the benefits of doing a retreat is that clients get an all-inclusive vacation to a blissful destination, minus the screaming children and horrible food, plus an opportunity to cleanse the body, mind, and soul. Coordinate your retreat and excursions with the local culture. For example, we’ve got a private cook who will be rustling up local, organic Mediterranean food for us (vegan and vegetarian options available).

#9 Consider offering discounts

Do a raffle to win the retreat for free – this generates interest in the retreat in people who would not have previously considered it. Offer repeater discounts if you are offering multiple retreats. Offer discounts for early bookings, as this helps you with the planning process.

Ultimately, selling a service or product (ethically) is about attraction. If you love what you do, and you really believe in your ability to guide people to where they want to be on a physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental level – put yourself out there! Make yourself vulnerable by making yourself seen. This is, in and of itself, a wonderful way to build relationships with like-minded individuals.

Throw your heart and soul into planning something truly spectacular, and let it sell itself. Balance indulgence of the soul with disciplined health behaviour, adventure with relaxation, and open yourself to making truly beautiful memories with kindred souls that you’ll never forget.

Alexandra Birrell
Alexandra Birrell
Alexandra, from Canada, has an MSc in psychiatry from St Bartholomew’s and the Royal London School of Medicine, an Honours Bachelor of psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University Canada, and an internationally registered accreditation in purna yoga, which stems from the astanga yoga tradition. Purna yoga uses a wide variety of uplifting and powerful techniques to address needs of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual variety. Her retreats focus on working through your personal emotional blockages and struggles, allowing you to take the benefits of your practice off the mat and into your life. Alexandra will teach you how to live your yoga in all aspects of your life through scientifically proven, habit forming applied mindfulness psychological strategies. Alexandra is passionate about personal empowerment and dedicated to liberation of the heart and mind. She looks forward to walking with you on your path towards freedom. RocYourFreedom.com her personal website

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