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What’s in Your Yoga First Aid Kit?

Lucy Bannister yoga class

The poses we practice in yoga are incredibly powerful tools we can use in our daily lives. Those postures, sequences and breathing techniques all form a Yoga First Aid Kit, ready to be taken off the yoga mat and into your life.

Whether you are coping with headaches, anxiety in your family life, stress at work or a lack of focus, there is something in your Yoga First Aid Kit waiting to help you.


Do You Know What to Do When You Feel Stressed?

If you have a regular yoga practice you may instinctively know what it is that you need to do when times are tough. However it can help to have an easy reference for what yoga works in different situations. Especially as stress can cloud our memories, making it easier to just stick to bad habits.

What are your favourite yoga poses to use in times of stress? Do you have a go-to yoga pose to help soothe a bad day?


Make Your Own Yoga First Aid Kit

 If you’re not sure what yoga you can use in your First Aid Kit, we’ll be spending some quality time with lots of beneficial gentle yoga at the Lucia Yoga Nature Yoga Retreat in June.

 The best way to create your own Yoga First Aid Kit is to learn what works for you. So come along to the retreat to experience the magic of some gentle yoga and build your own personal Yoga First Aid Kit with me.


Here’s One I Made Earlier…

 If you’re like me, you’ll want to get started on your Yoga First Aid Kit right now. So here is one I made earlier! Everything is gentle, simple to practice and you don’t need a yoga mat or any special clothing. Bookmark it, copy and paste into your Notes, or wherever you can keep it close for those moments when you need a helping hand.


Lucy’s Yoga First Aid Kit

 Feeling Stressed: Mountain Pose

 Feeling at the end of your tether? Need to calm down and breathe?

 Go somewhere you can stand undisturbed for a minute or two and practice this instant stress buster. Don’t be deceived by how simple it is, it’s benefits are magic.


Feeling Frustrated: Crocodile

 We can’t control other people, or the stuff that happens around us. And sometimes it just all gets a bit too much! Find a clean bit of floor (or do this on a bed) and spread out for a beautiful Crocodile pose to release frustration, anger and tension.


Feeling Anxious: Earth Sequence

 When we get anxious we often feel disconnected from what is going on and don’t respond to situations the way we normally would. The Earth Sequence, brings us back to a place of feeling more connected, bringing breath, body and mind into one much happier bundle.


Feeling Unfocused: Alternate Nostril Breath

 Can’t concentrate? Fear not. Get away from your screen and spend a couple of minutes with this breath to get your focus back. This is also my go-to for easing headaches and migraines.

 Read more about it, and how to practice this breath, here 

Feeling Exhausted: Simple Inversion

simple inversion


This magic pose can help both when you are really tired and need to re-energise, and when you are not sleeping well.

Try it when you get home from work for a boost, or just before bed to get a good night’s sleep.

 Read more about it, and how to practice it, here

Take Some Time Out to Build Your Personal Yoga First Aid Kit

There are lots of different postures that you might need in your Yoga First Aid Kit. My gentle yoga sessions at the Lucia Yoga Nature Retreat in the Andalucian Mountains in Spain [link: https://www.luciayoga.com/yoga-retreat-with-lucy/ ] will teach you many more. The sessions will be gently flowing, with a particular focus on yoga postures and sequences that help us in our daily lives, specifically to cope with stress and anxiety.

Book your place on the retreat now 

And if you want some more ideas to get you started, comment below and I’ll suggest some suitable poses for you.

Lucy Bannister
Lucy Bannister
UK. Lucy is trained in Dru Yoga - a gentle, flowing and slow yoga that is accessible to all bodies. She calls it #nostressyoga because she wants you to experience yoga that causes no stress to body or mind, and yoga that helps to ease the stresses of daily life. Lucy completed her 200 hour Dru Yoga training in Yorkshire, and has a post-graduate certificate in Dru Yoga for Back Care. Her passion is helping people to overcome stress, anxiety, chronic pain and back problems with yoga. She has been running her own yoga business - Lucyoga - since 2011. Working in Leeds, London and West Yorkshire she has established a reputation for inclusive yoga classes that feature great tunes and quite a bit of banter! She made a name for herself in London with her Rooftop Yoga Peckham classes and seasonal studio, which took place on the roof of a multi-story car park with a 360 view of the London skyline. She now runs workshops in London, monthly classes in Leeds and weekly classes in Keighley, West Yorkshire alongside her innovative retreat programme.

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